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This agency was founded to investigate all aspects of child welfare, such as infant mortality, orphanages, abuse and neglect, and child labor.

Lucky Lottery couple who won £1million put celebrations on hold to welcome baby girl

But flawed though these early orphanages may have been, they at least gave abandoned children a fighting chance, in the form of a roof over their heads, a bed, and warm meals. Belgian Orphans leaving Paris for country homes. Ultimately, they had better lives than those who ended up in workhouses — slaving away on factory assembly lines, fighting over scraps of food, crammed into beds with other children, or suffering the repercussions from an alarming lack of hygiene.

And, as a article published in Popular Mechanics , of all places, would point out, the Paris Foundling Hospital that devised the baby lottery had its heart in the right place — making sure that the babies were placed with responsible parents and directing dollars made from the event to worthy causes. An investigation of the winners was made, of course, to determine their desirability as foster parents.

If nothing else, the baby raffle would shine much-needed light on a societal problem that desperately needed to be addressed.


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