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If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact the national office for questions about Williams syndrome or your regional representative for questions about local resources and support. Common Questions about Williams syndrome:. What is the cause of Williams syndrome? The terms "Williams syndrome" and "Williams-Beuren syndrome" refer to the same syndrome. Williams and Beuren published papers within months of each other in New Zealand and Germany.

Each described several patients with the same cardiovascular problem and a similar facial appearance. How is Williams syndrome diagnosed? My child has not yet been diagnosed. Where should I go to have my child tested? Who should care for individuals with Williams syndrome? I have read a lot the musicality of children with WS.

How will I know if my child is musical, and how do I enhance his musicality? Many children with WS clearly go through each day with a song or a dance in their hearts. Music seems to be at their fingertips, and in spite of problems in almost every other area they can be totally consumed by music of every type, and have great concentration for all things musical.

When the children are very young, concentrate on exposing them to music of all kinds - look for a music therapist in your area to work with your child, enroll in a "Kindermusic" class etc. When your child is old enough developmentally to sit with a teacher for a period of time, you can begin to experiment with music lessons - Suzuki piano lessons are often a good place to start. Some music conservatories will offer 10 or 15 minute mini-lessons on a variety of musical instruments and offer suggestions about which instrument might be best for your child.

Are medical problems frequent in Williams syndrome?


Will my child have problems with anesthesia? I have read about many characteristics of Williams syndrome. Will my child experience all of these characteristics? Should I have my child evaluated for therapeutic interventions as an infant or toddler, or wait until he is of school age? Should I worry about future pregnancies, and the possibility of giving birth to another child with Williams syndrome? What educational program will be best for my primary school age child? My child is now a teenager.

Should I ask for a transition plan now or wait until he is ready to graduate from high school? It is very important to start transition planning early at age 13 or If you and your child feel that he or she may attend a post secondary education program, this is a good time to gather information about choices and appropriate preparation for specific programs. College may mean one type of high school program, getting ready for a job may mean another kind of curriculum is more appropriate. You will also want to begin looking for activities that focus on developing skills related to independence - either through school programs or programs offered by organizations concerned about young people with disabilities.

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Agencies in localities throughout the country offer job-readiness programs, job training and placement. Enlist the services of your school district and local groups such as ARC, the Learning Disabilities Association and other groups that work with individuals with disabilities.

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Your state's Developmental Disabilities Council can also be a source of information about opportunities to help your child get ready for the working world. Are college and work in my child's future, and what about independent living? Visitors to Canada do pay the hospital a fee for a baby to be born here. Finding a birthing or maternity hotel is similar to finding Airbnb accommodation. The vast majority of birthing hotels in Vancouver are marketed to Chinese women on a Craigslist-style website called Vansky.

The hotel owner provides meals, as well as a myriad of other services like translation, transportation and booking appointments with family doctors. In some cases, maternity hotels have raised the ire of their neighbours and concern from the health services community. This happened in Richmond, B. In , long-time Richmond resident Kerry Starchuk discovered the large pink stucco house next door to hers was housing pregnant women from China. From her house, she watched food being delivered and vehicles picking up and dropping off pregnant women.

In her mind, it marked one more way her community was changing. The vast majority do not speak the language, and are often ostracized. Zhu has experienced the workings of a maternity hotel first hand — a facility in Scarborough, Ont. Zhu is from Wenzhou in the province of Zhejiang, and moved to Canada as a postgraduate student in The maternity hotel gave her something that was missing from her hospital birth experience—a cultural connection.

In China, new mothers adhere to a strict meal plan tradition for 30 days after giving birth. Each meal is made with precise ingredients and follows a complex system; some meals are cooked with salt, some without, for instance.

Step Two: Formal Assessment

Walk over run. Enough over more. Deserve over need. Be grateful for the opportunity to improve.

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