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Coulson goes to find Johnson and the two have an emotional moment with Johnson telling Coulson that he is everything she believes in. Both of them embrace as Johnson cries. Figuring out that the Fear Dimension is expanding and that they are running out of time, Coulson confirms his intent to do the mission after a talk with May. Fitz gives Coulson the Gravity Containment Device along with a gun, and Coulson has Fitz promising that whatever happens, Fitz and Simmons will marry as this will give hope and happiness to the others.

The illusion of Mike Peterson created by the Fear Dimension. Coulson takes the elevator down to the deepest levels of the Lighthouse, where he encounters an illusion of Mike Peterson. Peterson assumes that he is not hostile and that he will not try anything to stop Coulson. However, Peterson also hints that Coulson is still on the operation table while being resurrected and that everything he thought had happened, from the creation of his team to the events in year , is made up by Coulson's mind from his memories, his regrets and the surgeries performed on him.

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Deathlok and the S. Peterson seems to convince Coulson and begins taking him to the space-time rift.

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However, Coulson eventually stops and claims that he does not believe Peterson. The illusion gets angry and intends to force Coulson to cross the rift, but it is destroyed by the real Deathlok , who has been brought to the Lighthouse along with other S. The rift is contained by the Gravity Containment Device. Coulson and Deathlok fight several other illusions from the Fear Dimension: Lash, the Vrellnexians and Hive , all of which are destroyed by their combined efforts. In the end, Coulson activates the Gravity Containment Device, which successfully closes the space-time rift, enabling Coulson to return to his friends unscathed.

Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons get married. Hidden within the full-floor suite at Collins Avenue The number of ultra-wealthy taking up residency in Italy may surge this year. The influx of high-net-worth individuals is due to a new tax Cleanup brokers. One Vanderbilt goes viral. Commercial mortgage-backed insecurities.

Brutal brokerage realities. The Closing: Jumaane Williams. Construction crews poured the last of 14, cubic yards of concrete at about noon on Sunday, marking the end Trust Blackstone Group to prove that even holidays can be used to make paper.

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The investment giant has entered Move over, Peter Morton. Another mega mansion may in the works now that entertainment mogul David Geffen has purchased one of the last Suscribe to our list. Remember Me. Not a member yet? Register now.

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