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8 Marriage Lessons from Surprising Sources

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Find out what insight the "other woman" can provide regarding your relationship

The offers that appear in this table are from partnerships from which Investopedia receives compensation. Related Articles. Partner Links. It's true that sexual desire waxes and wanes and that there are often mismatches between partners, but try to find common ground, says Dr. Twice would be great. More is the exception—but at least it should be consistent. Put your marriage first.

Tell Me About It: I love my husband but I feel rejected by him and I have no trust left in men

It can be hard for some women to remember that their marriage should be the first priority on their list, says Dr. The other woman has the advantage of being able to put her lover first—because she doesn't have the other distractions. What it means for you: Continually remind yourself that the husband-wife relationship is primary. Get a babysitter and go out without parent guilt.

Put the kids to bed early so you can snuggle on the couch together. Be interested in his work, hobbies and accomplishments. You don't have to join him at the model train show, but asking him about it afterward is a smart idea. Same goes for his work: "One reason men often have affairs with women they work with is that there may be a woman at work who takes notice of his accomplishments and struggles," says Dr.

Imagine how it feels to him when he comes home to tell you how he saved the meeting from disaster, and you all but ignore him.

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What it means for you: Take interest in what he's interested in, such as asking him to explain why that particular soccer game is important to the league, or flipping through his car magazine. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. The 20 Most Ignored Cancer Symptoms.

At first, it was easy. Life was not only good, it felt fair. Then we had a son. Like that frog in the science experiment who has the sense to jump out of a pot of boiling water but, plopped into tepid water, he doesn't notice it gradually heating to boiling point until he is cooked, our division of labour through the years steadily grew laughably, ridiculously, irrationally, frustratingly unfair.

He'd shoot back that my standards were too high. When her house was burning down, she found dirty dishes in the sink and stood there washing them," he'd say.

I Make Much More Than My Husband — Here’s How We Manage

When it came to the kids, I took them to all their medical appointments. Tom didn't even know where the dentist's office was.

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  • Without question, I was the one who stayed at home or rearranged my work schedule when they were sick. All I asked for in return, I told Tom, was this: "I just want you to notice — and say thank you. Grousing about how little husbands do at home is a regular and tiresomely predictable social exchange. And though the sociologist Arlie Hochschild first wrote in the s about how women come home from a full day of work to a "second shift" of housework and childcare, the same is true in the 21st century.

    Even though time studies show men are doing more around the house and with the kids, women are still doing twice as much. Sociologists call it the "stalled gender revolution". A host of surveys have found that arguing over housework is one of the main sources of conflict in relationships.

    One survey in the UK found that women spend as much as three hours a week redoing chores that they think their partners have done badly. Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi 's time studies found that men, unlike women, tend to have a choice whether to be involved in domestic duties. But for women, home, no matter how filled with love, is just another workplace.

    See a Problem?

    What he called the "mental labour" of keeping track of all that stuff to do crashing around in a brain that can only hold seven pieces of information in its working memory, winds up making women's time feel "contaminated". There is a reason for that gaping domestic divide. It's not because women will wash dishes in a burning house and men are Lion King slobs. But it took me more than a year of soul searching to begin to see past my rage to understand why and then work out what to do about it. DeGroot runs ThirdPath Institute and for more than a decade, has worked to help families create something entirely new: not the traditional s "first path" families, like my parents.

    Not the "neotraditional" "second path" families of dual earners with one breadwinner, usually the man, and one flexi- or part-time working spouse, usually the woman, who also tends to be in charge of all the child care and domestic chores — like mine.

    The Day I Realized I Was No Longer The Woman My Husband Wanted

    The third path, DeGroot explains, is for couples who want to share their work and home lives as full partners, each one with time for work, love and play. These norms are what get us into a state of being so intense I'd come to think of it as the Overwhelm. And spinning in the Overwhelm keeps us from having the time to imagine a way out. Talk to a father about cutting back on work hours to become more involved at home, and the ideal worker takes a tug.

    Talk to a mother about stepping aside to let the father do more with the kids and all three cultural norms yank that chain and shut her up. Aren't women just naturally meant to be the better parent? Isn't it selfish for a mother to want to work? To start down the third path, DeGroot asks people to fight what she calls "the good fight" just when the Overwhelm kicks into gear: when the first baby is born. That one event changes a woman's life profoundly and, until very recently, a man's life hardly at all.

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