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These come in a variety of designs, and although small, can cost thousands.

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Perhaps the most expensive scent bottles are the ones that once belonged to Ancient Romans. There is a large collection of drinking glasses that survived the 18 th and 19 th centuries, and are fairly easy to pick out.

Collecting Antique Glass offers one of the widest opportunities for the antiques collector.

From jelly and custard glasses, meat glassware, and other tableware, glass for the table is commonly found in antique shops. Not only can these still serve a practical purpose, they make a great addition to any collection, and almost always tend to be moderately priced. Cameo glassware is often highly decorative, and has a number of colourful layers, making them easy to spot, even from a distance.

Brothers George and Thomas Woodall created some of the most sought-after pieces during the late 19 th century. Antiques and vintage furniture pieces are always in high demand by collectors and decorators, who are trained in how to tell if a piece is truly antique, or simply a clever replica.


Movie memorabilia is a huge business, and there are plenty of wealthy fans out there willing to spend millions to get their hands on a one-of-a-kind prop. Of course, anyone would be able to pick Read more…. Without the pigs, the city was soon buried in waste.

What follows is an exquisitely rendered portrait of a little-known world. The destitute Aaron scrounges to supplement his meager diet, tormented by the smell of hot falafel sandwiches from street vendors.

The National Glass Fair

The wasters suffer from skin rashes and other diseases picked up from their hazardous work; midway through the book, one girl dies of hepatitis possibly contracted from a contaminated needle. Another recaptures the government-ordered pig slaughter. A new database driven site for collectors of Whitefriars. The site includes hundreds of examples of glass, with articles on the history of the factory.

The Website also offers a free appraisal service.

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The National American Glass Club is an international organisation for those interested in the study and appreciation of glass. This collectors group aims to provide a forum for paperweight enthusiasts to meet and discuss their mutual hobby, and to encourage and support the activities of the artists and craftsmen who are developing and improving this art form.

The Glass Art Society is a professional organization dedicated to promoting the appreciation and development of the glass arts, as well as providing support for the worldwide community of artists who work with glass. The site features links to various galleries and artists, and features details of exhibitions organised by the society.