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There are so many pieces I love in this room but I think the bed is by far my favorite. We are moving to BC next week and will definitely pop into The Cross once we arrive. Love the blend of colors used- so unique yet so classic! Thank you for the inspiration! Your blog and The Cross have always regular stop for me, helping me discover what my perfect home is for me?.

Obsessed with the Shay chandelier and the bed! I love love love your headboard! Just wanted to add that i love all your design especially because you use a lot of white, so not all your followers are against the all white decor lol! Love the bed so much and the Shay chandelier is omg! Swooning over here! My hubby and I just bought our first home last week, would love to fill it with some The Cross items! Beautiful Space, you ladies did an amazing job!

Thank You xx. Great photos.

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I love the pink. Hi my name is Candice from Easton, Pa. My husband and I are in the middle of a Reno of our entire downstairs— started in June? I love that bed! Great color! Loove your bedroom!! Love the pink bed and this pendant. Sooo happy you chose PINK, girl it was made for you!!! All of the soft tones here are seriously dreamy! We are about to close on our first house and I would love to fill it with The Cross ok, one step at a time lol.

My Pin! So beautiful! I definitely voted for the pink. Love love love the Rose Quartz Bed… just had to pin it!!! I always would photograph every merchandising display — so beautiful! Your bedroom is so perfect but, I thought for sure you were going to go with the oatmeal headboard. Leo is so darn cute as well I love his little toothy smile?

Absolutely love your room! The Cross is all sorts of bedroomdreams for me and of course everything else. Their website makes me drool. Pretty much perfect!

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So glad you stepped out of your comfort zone with the pink! Hope to update our bedroom in the near future and taking serious inspiration from The Cross! The store is beautiful and I want to buy everything. Even if I am not looking for anything big, I love to pick up cards and candles! Thanks for sharing!! LOVE everything about this! Just moved into a new home and am always look at your instagram and blog for inspiration. I voted for pink! I love dreaming on the cross website! And Jillian…your inspiration is divine. Dream come true!! Haha I pinned the white moroccan pouf!

The Shay Chandelier is stunning!!!! I absolutely love it…what a perfect pick for your gorgeous new room! Everything is so beautiful! Your bedroom is actually a dream. Thanks for this opportunity, The Cross. In love with your new bedroom! I would love it all! So bright yet warm and comforting. LOVE the touch of pink, it adds a soft, subtle layer of colour! I adore that bed! All these items are perfection but MAN is that bed swoon worthy! Those stump side tables though, my favourite! Love the cross design and this bedroom is incredible. LOVE the bedding! Love how everything comes together!

Love everything the cross does!! Just built a new home and it would be amazing to win this!!

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This furniture is gorgeous but awfully expensive. I miss when you posted more affordable things for the average reader. I loooove this painting. What a talented BC artist. Absolutely LOVE the bedroom and the pink! This is gorgeous! The whole bedroom is just perfect. Enjoy your beautiful room! That picture of little Leo and his face is so darn cute!!! Love you Jillian! Love it all! So beautifully put together. I love it all! I really love the ruffled bedding. Here you go! I absolutely love your bedroom! I am planning on purchasing this headboard — Merry Christmas to me!

This is absolutely stunning. Is this a King? I went the safe route with an oatmeal linen tufted headboard, champagne coloured night tables, white bedding and a gold chandelier with white shades, walls are BM Intense White. Do you have any suggestions? My little brother just gave me new fresh baseboard with shoe molding. I love shoe molding lol. He also just built me a beautiful French door double closet! Anyway where did you get your nightstand tray that looks like a flower?

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Sarah October 26th, at am This head is absolutely amazing! It is the perfect amount of pink and girly! Jenna October 26th, at am I am in love with your bedroom.. Jennifer October 26th, at am I love The Cross too!

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Thanks for the opportunity to win a gift card! It is beautiful. Madison October 26th, at am What an amazing giveaway, Jillian and the cross! Here is my pin from the cross website attached. Louise October 26th, at am Absolutely gorgeous Jillian! Pam October 26th, at am Love your posts, your designs. Emily Morais October 26th, at am Love everything on their site! Jill you have the BEST taste! Melissa October 26th, at am Love it! S, will they ship to U. Jillian Harris October 26th, at pm Hi Lauren!

Kristy Wheeler October 26th, at am Thank you for being an inspiration and a great role model using your platform. Stephanie October 26th, at am Love the bed! October 26th, at am I just love this bed! Dayna October 26th, at am Love the shams! This is my favourite pin from the Cross! Brennan Neville October 26th, at am Yasssss!

Anne October 26th, at pm I absolutely love the look of your room altogether, but I am kind of obsessing over your foot of the bed bench! Katie October 26th, at pm Jillian, I am actually obsessed with everything you do! You got a good man. My goodness. Also am completely in love with that Rug. K thanks. Lol Amber Lee October 26th, at pm Jillian! Rhonda Cates October 26th, at pm Absolutely beautiful. Judy Peter-Paul October 26th, at pm Love everything!

Brittney Vander Linden October 26th, at pm My link! Classic and yet contemporary! LOVE what you chose?? So gorgeous? Blaire October 26th, at pm Pinterest link! Kristina Patriquin October 26th, at pm I love the ne bed and room set up!! Love this store. Olivia Ashton October 26th, at pm Love these details! And you!!! I would never leave this room!!

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Glad you went with the pink Daniela Sanchez October 26th, at pm Jilly!! Hope you all have an amazing week! Alexandra Sochowski October 26th, at pm Pinned on Pinterest! Evangelia October 26th, at pm Hi! Love this rug! Naz October 26th, at pm Love this! I follow them on instagram and? Everything they post. Barb Murray October 26th, at pm Here is the link to one of my faves! Kayci October 26th, at pm Beautiful!

Melissa October 26th, at pm Absolutely stunning! Patricia October 26th, at pm Love this bedroom, given me some ideas to update my Leopard Room! Thanks Sara October 26th, at pm Entered the contest and my fingers are crossed!! Natasha Hunt October 26th, at pm Pinned! Vanessa October 26th, at pm Here is the link to my pin from The Cross!! The headboard is perfect. Not too pink, just right. I want a pink bed!!! Breanne Proceviat October 26th, at pm I love your new bed!!! My dream, I also love these leather poufs as well! Love the style! Please start shipping to the US!!

Julie October 26th, at pm Thanks for the opportunity to win, fingers crossed! I voted for the blush pink! So much talent Did you keep the lights on the wood side table!? Michelle October 26th, at pm Love your design eye Jill! I would absolutely love to have this bed!

So fresh! Cindy Diotte October 26th, at pm And these stumps! Have a great rest of your October ladies! So hard to pick! That bed is a dream! Sydney Hobbs October 26th, at pm Love this!! Nicole October 26th, at pm Absolutely gorgeous bedroom! Definitely added to my dream list? Nathalie October 26th, at pm I LOVE all the bedroom furniture but seriously, this bar cart would be super cute!!!

Nicole October 26th, at pm Hope I did this right! Cindy Mast October 26th, at pm Dreamy rug for my master. Sarah Hebda October 26th, at pm I love the Shay chandelier!!! Your new bedroom is so stunningly dreamy! So happy you went with pink! Gorgeous Vikki October 26th, at pm Love the pink bed! It is amazing and the bedroom looks beautiful.

You have great style! Sam Sas October 26th, at pm Oh my I absolutely love this… especially The Shay chandelier I hope she got one for her house hehe! Kate Wiley October 26th, at pm I love the rug! But had to pick the bed for my number one choice! Angela Godfrey October 26th, at pm This bed, of course! So many beautiful things to pick from though! Rustic but still polished because of the white! And such a fun giveaway!! Domonique October 26th, at pm I love this!! Ella Laure October 26th, at pm Next on the home decor list: artwork!

So beautiful. The Pink Panther sabotages the plans of a housepainter the Little Man who wants to paint a house blue. The Pink Panther counters this by painting the house pink. Pink Pajamas. The Pink Panther sneaks into a house to stay the night and has to hide from its drunk owner. Note: Footage reused in Pink-In. The Little Man does not appear. We Give Pink Stamps. The Pink Panther hides in a department store and spends the night trying to hide from the janitor the Little Man , while also using many of the products on display at the store. Dial "P" for Pink.

A burglar tries numerous times to crack a safe in which the Pink Panther is living. Sink Pink. Big-game hunter Tex B'wana voiced by Paul Frees uses a "Noah's Ark" plot to catch animals in Africa for his wife Nora, but is having trouble catching a pink panther to complete his haul. Note: One of two cartoons where the Pink Panther has dialogue. The panther's voice was provided by Rich Little ; the Little Man does not appear. Pickled Pink. A homeless Pink Panther is befriended by drunk partygoer voiced by Mel Blanc , who offers the Pink Panther a place to spend the night, but tries to hide him from his wife also voiced by Blanc , who hates him bringing strangers into the house.

The Pink Panther decides to become a secret agent with the help of an offscreen narrator voiced by Paul Frees. Note: The Little Man does not appear. Shocking Pink. The Pink Panther tries to have a quiet afternoon, but is interrupted by an offscreen narrator voiced by Larry Storch persuading him to try various do-it-yourself tasks around the house. Pink Ice. Note: The second of two cartoons where the Pink Panther has dialogue; all voices provided by Rich Little; the Little Man does not appear. After watching late-night TV, the Pink Panther has a late night battle with a mosquito who constantly interrupts his sleep.

Pink Panzer. An offscreen narrator later revealed to be the devil voiced by Paul Frees pits the Pink Panther and his neighbor Harry also voiced by Paul Frees against each other over unreturned garden tools. An Ounce of Pink. The Pink Panther encounters and purchases a talking weight machine voiced by Larry Storch who claims to be able to predict the future.

However, the panther quickly develops animosity towards the weight machine after its predictions keep causing him misfortune. The Pink Panther goes fishing, but eventually gets sabotaged by one of his own bait worms and then must fight an aggressive crab that he accidentally reels in.

Note: Not to be confused with the Pink Panther and Pals episode that takes place in a theater. First title card to be animated. The Pink Panther becomes a toreador , but when he gets his cape confused with a magic cloak from Marvelo the magician, it results in an illusion-filled bullfight. Note: A different rendition of "The Pink Panther Theme" is featured during the opening and closing theatrical credits; remade in as Toro Pink ; the Little Man does not appear.

The Pink Panther introduces his own beverage line, "Pink Punch", but the asterisk above the "I" on his placard turns green. The Panther attempts to get rid of the annoying green asterisk numerous times, but his plans are thwarted by a large green asterisk who is assumed to be the smaller one's parent. Phink, sells Vitamin Pink and has to capture a bank robber who springs into his crime-committing youth after he takes one too many pills. The Pink Blueprint. The Pink Panther changes the blueprint designs for a house to his own "pinkprints" and fights with a contractor the Little Man to ensure that they are built.

Note: First Pink Panther cartoon to be shown on television. A different rendition of "The Pink Panther Theme" is featured during the opening and closing theatrical credits in some airings; nominated for Academy Award for Short Subjects, Cartoons ; footage reused in Pinkologist. The Pink Panther learns to play the violin and interrupts a performance of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony with " The Pink Panther Theme " played on various instruments, much to the anger of the conductor the Little Man.

Note: Henry Mancini makes a brief live action cameo at the end of the cartoon; first cartoon scored by Walter Greene. The Pink Panther sabotages the efforts of a photographer the Little Man in Pinkstone National Park after the photographer angrily refuses to donate a dollar to the park.

Note: Last cartoon scored by William Lava. The Pink Panther battles with a hungry mouse raiding his refrigerator, who throws a late-night party with a crowd of other mice. Note: The Little Man appears briefly. The Pink Panther finds a talking magic lamp voiced by Ralph James and uses it to become a genie.

However, he cannot get anyone to rub the lamp. The Pink Panther decides to be a superhero and tries unsuccessfully several times to help an elderly woman. The Little Man stays in the woods with his dog and keeps the Pink Panther awake with his snoring. Sick and tired of the noise, the panther attempts to get rid of the Little Man, but it only gets the dog into more trouble, as his owner believes that he is responsible for whatever happens to him.

Note: Footage reused in Pinkologist ; the score for this cartoon would be the standard for Pink Panther cartoons between and The Pink Panther wakes up in a log cabin in January and has to avoid both starving to death and getting eaten by a starving mouse before spring. Pink Panic. The Pink Panther stays in the haunted Dead Dog Hotel on a stormy night, where he attempts to escape a ghost and a skeleton running about the hotel.

Note: Final cartoon to introduce new music scores by Walter Greene. Scores from this and the previous five entries would be recycled until The Pink Panther replaces all the yellow posies in a garden with pink ones, annoying a gardener the Little Man in the process. The Pink Panther is caught littering in the town of Litterburg and as punishment, he has to clean up all of the litter in the entire town. The Pink Panther joins a gym, but does not have much luck getting into shape.

Gerry Chiniquy. The Pink Panther flies an experimental fighter jet, but has trouble controlling it. Note: The foreground character layer at the end of the piece was reused in Prefabricated Pink ; the Little Man does not appear. The Pink Panther arrives on a desert island to discover a native the Little Man and his dog. The dog gets suspicious and tries unsuccessfully to prove the panther's existence to his owner, who punishes him for each attempt, as he believes that his canine companion is only causing trouble.

The Pink Panther has a long journey home and tries to tame a horse to ride back, but the horse is not willing to cooperate. The Pink Panther steals a family's baby basket instead of a picnic basket at the park and ends up having to raise the baby voiced by June Foray until the parents return. The Pink Panther decides to get a job at a construction site, but wreaks havoc across the site instead. Note: The foreground character layer at the end was recycled from Jet Pink. A cold Pink Panther sneaks into a house of illusion owned by Zammo the magician the Little Man and is constantly bothered by the magician's rabbit.

A series of 12 miniature cartoons that end when each one "pinks out". Note: The 12 miniature cartoons were animated by one animator and 11 of the 12 sequences were reused for connecting bumper sequences on The Pink Panther Show. The Pink Panther decides to try kite-flying and annoys a local homeowner the Little Man in the process. The Pink Panther comes to the aid of a henpecked husband the Little Man who pulls a thorn out of his foot. The husband then uses the panther against his disapproving wife. The Pink Panther visits a psychedelic bookshop owned by the Little Man where things are surreal and strange.

Note: Final title card to be animated. The Pink Panther visits Bicep Beach and through his series of inflatable items, to include fake muscles, weights, and a swimming pool, impresses the ladies and steals the spotlight from a muscleman, who attempts to get revenge on him in turn.

The Pink Panther turns his hand to building a motorcycle, but mayhem ensues whenever he goes for a drive. Note: First time the Little Man appears flesh-colored rather than white.

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Note: Footage reused in Pink-In ; released with an unknown reissue. Ever eager to help, the Pink Panther keeps returning a "lucky" horseshoe to its owner the Little Man , a bank robber. For The Brain. I'll Kill You. S Remix].

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For the Brain [Midnight Man Mix]. Nothing like a bit of Red Hot Chili Peppers - new and old - to get the juices flowing. It wakes me up of a morning and inspires me. Any time I'm feeling stressed out I listen to that, I'm instantly transported back to Manang. This topic has been locked by a moderator. All rights reserved. No part of this site may be reproduced without our written permission. No worries. See All. Thorn Tree forum. Post new topic. Search forums.