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The ruined castle is described and pictured as 'Site No. Plain splayed window in W end of S wall.

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Fireplace and chimney in E end of S wall. The structure was apparently two stories in height. Lying on the ground is half of the doorway arch. Dressed stone indicates a late 16th or early 17th-century date.

Remains of a largely destroyed stone head at NW angle. Davies a, recorded that this 'although barbarously mutilated in recent years, looks from the grooves under the chin to have been a grotesque of a type not likely to have been made after '. Wilsdon , " [18] and in "The Castles of County Cavan", page Slack then sold part of the estate to Arthur Ellis of Ballyheady. Document which relates to the division of the lands of Ballymagauran between Randal Slack and Arthur Ellis.

Ballymagauran was divided into two sections, one westward and the other eastward of the great road.

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Lots were cast to decide who was to acquire which section. Ellis won the casting of lots and chose the eastward division. On verso of document is information relating to the rental and use of land in the two sections of Ballymagauran with the names of land occupiers present. Administration of Slack's will dated 23 March was granted to his widow Anne after his death. In the Templeport Poll Book of there were six people registered to vote in Ballymagaveran in the Irish general election [21] - Michael Banagher who lived in Corran but who also had a freehold in Ballymagauran; Thomas Blashford who lived in Ballymagauran but who also owned a freehold in Lissanover ; Edward Ellis, Thomas Finlay, William Johnston and James Thompson who all lived in Ballymagauran.

They were entitled to cast two votes each. Banagher, Finlay and Johnston all voted for Maxwell and Coote. Blashford voted for Newtownbutler and Coote. Ellis voted for Newtownbutler and Montgomery. Thompson voted for Coote and Montgomery. Absence from the poll book either meant a resident did not vote or more likely was not a freeholder entitled to vote, which would mean most of the inhabitants of Ballymagauran.

The Cavan Carvaghs list spells the village name as Ballemagawran. It is 4 in. The Fairs are holden on the 93d of May, 12 August, and 23d of November. A deed dated 18 October includes lands belonging to John Mills in Ballymagauran. The Newry Magazine for reported that- Some time ago, a young man, we lament to state, was killed, leaving the town of Ballymagaurin, in the county of Cavan. During the day some persons had manifested a disposition to violence and riot, and a desperate quarrel ensued, in which, however, the unfortunate victim, we learn, took no part or concern. On his way out of the fair he was attacked, and beaten so inhumanly that he survived but a short time.

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  6. They were all Forty-shilling freeholders holding a lease for lives from their landlords. In the early s a Sunday school was kept in the townland, funded by the Hibernian Sunday School Society. The Census of Ireland states that there were 20 houses in the village, of which 3 were unoccupied. Edition -.

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