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References in periodicals archive? Leonardo da Vinci's world map. Bem ao gosto da mare montante de irracionalismo ou de, ao menos, deplecao acentuada do exercicio da razao, a leitura que conecta a observacao kantiana a perda de referencial objetivo do pensamento apresentada como verdadeiro ganho de liberdade, apenas expressa neste particular a tendencia geral dos ultimos 30 anos de posicionar a la Procusto a tradicao dentro da quadratura do circulo dos pos-modernismos. Sicche ci si deve mettere d'accordo con Calvino quando, nel commemorarne la morte, argomentava che Scotellaro era si "un paesano, meridionale fino al midollo, era una zolla di terra di Tricarico, eppure ogni cosa di cui parlasse, specie se riguardava i suoi paesi, fosse giudizio sociale o economico, osservazione di costume o intuizione poetica, sentivi in lui la sicurezza, la maturita, la quadratura del dirigente popolare, dell'uomo d'esperienza vasta e varia, e la limpidezza, la sensibilita, il distacco pur partecipe dell'uomo di cultura aperta".

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Rocco Scotellaro, la voce del silenzio. O el De quadratura et triangulatura circuli, en donde Ramon Llull se enfrenta al modo de calculo antiguo y propone uno nuevo, que enlaza de manera directa con la teologia. Ramon Llull y la filosofia antigua. Precisiones sobre la obra parisina de a Aplicada a Jesus tenemos la expresion en epoca tardia, siglo XI entre y , en Franco Leodinensis, De quadratura circuli, lib.

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Wisnik, Jose Miguel. Veneno Remedio. Interesting story which made the Chicago Tribune best fiction list. It is fiction that reads as non-fiction. The narrator is meant to be a composite of an unskilled worker around in Southern Italy who migrates to Northern Italy to find employment and make a decent living.

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He squanders whatever money he earns and doesn't seem concerned Interesting story which made the Chicago Tribune best fiction list. He squanders whatever money he earns and doesn't seem concerned about the future. Eventually he ends up at a Fiat plant on an assembly line and the story then turns to a building dissatisfaction with management over working and housing conditions. The workers go on strike, violence ensues, etc. I thought the storyline was unique but the unfolding of it could have been made better by eliminating repetitive content. Did we really need to hear which sections of the plant were having a work stoppage on a given day over and over again?

However, the struggle for better working conditions which showed the collusion between the plant executives and the union against the demands of the workers made an compelling point. A must-read for activists. Some details of how the strike progresses are a bit tedious, but in general - a great book, about workers' solidarity, and the possibility of change. I hadn't expected Vogliamo tutto to turn out quite so great. Frankly, I was expecting a narrative of some historical value, maybe old-fashioned modernist tricks and not much more.

But this easily beats most books on history while being an envigorating piece of great fiction and a fiery political discourse all at the same time. This is what socialist realism should have been instead of bland hagiographic bullshit. Everything about it makes sense - from basic structure two parts, one largely apol I hadn't expected Vogliamo tutto to turn out quite so great. Everything about it makes sense - from basic structure two parts, one largely apolitical monologic banter, the other this same voice puncuating the newsreel of strike and riots , to language English translation seems to be superb even though I can only roughly ascertain the original , to the afterward.

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This book is seething with anger. A different era, country, but same problems. Nothing changes. We Want more money and less work. We want everything. No to overtime, no push to always increase production. Yes to Treat all workers equal. When you give us a small raise it is nothing. Rent goes up, food, transportation, and we still have no money.

There's too much repetition in this short book.

…e libri, dizionari, traduzioni…/…and books, dictionaries, translation…

Feels like there just wasn't enough of a story so it was padded out with repeating work stoppages reports. At This book is seething with anger. At times reads like a status report.

Vogliamo tutto — We want everything. All the wealth, all the power, and no work. What does work mean to us. The first half is engaging, informative and well written. The second half is like reading the world's longest, most dull newspaper article. Things perk up a little towards the end but it's a little late to remedy things. One of the best political novels I have read. Balestrini's style of writing propels the reader, and the events in the second part of the book provide excitement and hope.

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View 1 comment. I didn't really "get" this book and I think it's probably because I'm American. It was good, an interesting style like being regaled first hand. But it was very hard to stay engaged in the middle. The last chapter or so is exceptionally gripping though. Vogliamo tutto. A powerful collective novel that chronicles the beginnings of the Italian autonomist movement in the turbulent s. The workers' rage flows like a raging stream of lava throughout Fiat. Workers, mostly from the impoverished South of Italy, were tired of exploitation in Northern factories, too tired to compromise their own lives, too tired to risk anything.

They wanted everything. They fought, they lost, but they drove fear into the hearts of the big bosses. Balestrini loses himself in the anger and frustration of the narrative, but while that rage can detract from the quality of the novel, it reflects the imperfection of the movement, leaderless and passionate.

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Not for the faint of heart, We Want Everything painfully exposes, to the ultimate extreme, the agony that Italian workers felt. That undercurrent of pain is still there, but instead of too much work, now there isn't enough. In the age of chronic unemployment and austerity, a We Want Everything of the 21st century is inevitable.

Eight hours of work, if not nine or ten, that destroy the worker completely.


So not much energy is left for him to communicate with other workers and organise politically. The bosses invented it to have another instrument of political control of the working class. They accept that the money a worker gets should be based on the different quality of the work he does. Dec 22, Leonardo marked it as to-keep-ref Shelves: italia.

Ver en particular Vogliamo tutto Milan: Feltrinelli, But we don't know how to get it. Aug 23, Ivano Porpora rated it it was amazing. Libro meraviglioso, potente. Non lo conoscevo, e credo faccia parte di quella letteratura dimenticata. Edozein EHID kidek irakurri beharko luken liburua. Jan 14, Shelley Ettinger rated it it was amazing.

Boy I needed a book like this right around now. In your face, pig Trump and your whole pig class. We'll come roaring back soon. Oliviab rated it liked it Nov 28, Jay Stern rated it really liked it Dec 02, Carlo Munaretto rated it it was amazing Mar 08, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. About Nanni Balestrini. Nanni Balestrini. Nanni Balestrini was an Italian experimental poet, author and visual artist of the Neoavanguardia movement.

Nanni Balestrini is associated with the Italian writers movement Neoavanguardia. He wrote for the magazine Il Verri, co-directed Alfabeta and was one of the Italian writers publishing in the anthology I Novissimi. During the s, the group was growing and becoming the Gruppo 63, Balest Nanni Balestrini was an Italian experimental poet, author and visual artist of the Neoavanguardia movement. During the s, the group was growing and becoming the Gruppo 63, Balestrini was the editor of their publications. From to , he was working for Feltrinelli, cooperating with the Marsilio publishers and editing some issues of the Cooperativa Scrittori.

Balestrini's political activities are also noteworthy: in , he was co-founder of the group Potere operaio, in an important supporter of the Autonomia. In , he was accused of membership in the guerilla and fled to Paris and later Germany. Balestrini got known by a larger public thanks to his first novel in the beginning of the s We Want Everything. It describes the struggles and conflicts in the car factory of FIAT. In the following years, the social movements of his time continued to be his subject.

With the book The Unseen, he created a literary monument for the "Generation of ".